NC Zoning Change Aims to Reorient New Construction To Favor Pedestrians

Asheville River Arts Zoning Change

As reported by the Asheville Citizen-Times:

The River Arts District, an area already undergoing a $60 million infrastructure overhaul, will see more big changes following City Council votes on short-term tourist rentals, a 133-unit apartment complex, parking rules and a sweeping zoning change.

Several of the issues were addressed as part of a long-planned zoning change for the River Arts District. The new form-based zoning code is supposed to focus on the layout and look of new buildings, as opposed to how they are used.

New buildings are to be closer to sidewalks and oriented more toward pedestrians than cars.

“It tends to return to the way cities used to be built,” said Sasha Vrtunski, a staff member of the city’s Planning and Urban Design Department, overseeing the new zoning.

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