N.C. Energy Code Is Under Attack

Recent legislation in North Carolina singles out the energy code for scrutiny.

The North Carolina Building Performance Association Vice Chair Pam Fasse gives her take on how North Carolina is moving in the wrong direction when it comes to building codes:

… newly-adopted energy codes have come under continuous attacks.  Last month, legislation passed the House that would require a laborious cost-benefit analysis on energy code provisions retroactive to January 1 of 2018.  This effectively singles out energy code for unwarranted and duplicitous scrutiny – no other codes would fall under this new law, just energy – and challenges some highly regarded, state-supported fiscal analysis (like HUD and USDA) that already demonstrates cost benefits to builders as well as added long term value for homeowners through lower life cycle costs.

Plus North Carolina seems to be going against the International and National grain here. In fact, North Carolina is trending towards “seceding from the Codes Union”, and it’s a dangerous course that could leave us with substandard buildings and costly retrofits in the future.

The reasons for this trend are complex, but I’ll try to outline some of the core issues and what organizations like North Carolina Building Performance Association (NCBPA), where I serve as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, are doing to correct them. …

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