ICC Eval Reports for Shipping Container Housing and Tesla Solar Roofs

Three companies that produce shipping container housing and Tesla get evaluation reports from the ICC.

This summer, the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), a member of the International Code Council Family of Companies, issued evaluation reports to three companies offering shipping containers for housing. These evaluation reports show compliance to AC 462, the Acceptance Criteria for Structural Building Materials from Shipping Containers, and ensure that these products meet applicable codes and standards.2

To review any/all of the evaluation reports, please click on the respective link(s): SG Blocks, Inc. (ESR-3764), Sea Box, Inc. (ESR-4082), and Falcon Structures (ESR-4163).

ICC-ES also issued ESR-4074 to Tesla, Inc. for their Tesla Solar Roof System. This report provides evidence that the Tesla Solar Roof System is in compliance with code requirements of the IBC and IRC, as well as the California Building Code (CBC) and California Residential Code (CRC).