ICC Building Code Hiccup

System glitches alter ICC code development path for 2016.

Posted in Window & Door, March 13, 2016 

“As building code development activities begin to build steam in 2016, the ICC finds itself in a rather unique situation,” notes Julie Ruth, in her Code Arena column. “Group A proposals would have been concluded in 2015, Group B proposals would be in development now and Group C proposals would not begin until 2017. Instead of having just published new editions of the International Codes and continuing normal development of Group A, Group B and Group C codes, the ICC finds itself involved in multiple code development activities at the same time.”icc_logo_3_for_email_header

First, the nonstructural provisions of the 2018 IBC (ICC Group A), which were originally scheduled to be finalized in October 2015, were pushed out to March 2016 due to a glitch in the electronic voting system. Approximately two-thirds of the votes taken had to be reconsidered, and developing a system to fairly and accurately reconsider the votes involved in the glitch took some time.

“Making sausage is never easy and always potentially messy, especially when new technology is introduced to the process,” points out Ron Jones, cofounder and president of Green Builder Media. “At the end of the day, the goal is to come up with a recipe that will appeal to the largest number of palates.”

Ultimately, the ICC developed a two-step process to reconsider the votes involved in the voting glitch. Voting on the items that needed reconsideration was limited to only those governmental member representatives who had been issued electronic voting devices at the 2015 Public Comment Hearings. Read the whole story at Window & Door.