How HERS Raters Influence the Development of the IECC

RESTalk EP11 features Eric Makela of New Buildings Institute. 

How can HERS Raters influence the development of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)Join Eric Makela, Associate Director of the New Buildings Institute, on a journey through the world of energy codes and learn about: 
  • the work NBI does and how they’re involved in code development.
  • states and jurisdictions where more advanced or stretch codes are being implemented
  • steps involved in the code update process and what organizations/groups are involved
  • how Zero Net Energy and renewables factor in to all the codes
  • changes that have been put in place for the 2018 code
  • future themes for next code update in 2021
Makela is the perfect tour guide, as he has spent the last 30 years training on this topic to practitioners in the building, design and enforcement industries.