Get Ready for the 2021 Code Cycle!

CodeWatcher is your #1 source for codes- and standards-related information in the building industry.

CodeWatcher was launched to help the industry navigate the 2018 code development process by providing in-depth information on building and energy code changes, cost-effective ways to meet codes, and new code-compliant products and building science practices.

Now the 2021 code development cycle is upon us, and CodeWatcher has once again assembled a crack team of code experts to keep you abreast of changes that will impact all aspects of the building industry–experts like

These code experts (and many others) will be authoring updates, guidance, advice, and analysis as the code process unfolds beginning with new code proposals, which will be announced by the International Code Council (ICC) this month.

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In particular, CodeWatcher will drill into the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), which addresses energy efficiency in the design of building envelopes and systems. Over the last 35 years, the energy code has seen a lot of changes, and a great deal of progress to achieving higher performing buildings. For example, from 2006—2012, we saw a 30 percent increase in the efficiency of buildings that meet the 2012 code requirements.

But buildings in the United States still use more total energy than most countries, so there is room for improvement. In addition to ensuring buildings are designed and constructed to be significantly higher performance overall, they also play a critical role in driving better safety and resiliency. CodeWatcher is proud to take part in ensuring that this important job gets done!

Here’s how you can stay on top of 2021 code developments:

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