JoAnn Snoderly, reporting in the The Exponent Telegram, talks about the trickiness of enforcing codes on rural and agricultural areas:

Twice last month, the Harrison County Commission voted 2-1 not to take the first steps toward implementation of building codes. The opposing commissioners, however, have said they could be open to building codes in the future under certain circumstances.

Hinkle has touted building codes as a means of addressing dilapidated and abandoned structures in the county. Without such codes, he said, the county is limited in its ability to address problem structures that hinder economic development, create safety hazards and foster crime in the county. …

Members of the West Virginia Farm Bureau have spoken out against implementation of building codes outside city limits, however.

According to Bill Suan, building code requirements and permitting would make construction, repair and renovation projects costly and change the way of life for farmers and residents who are used to being able to do as they wish with their properties.