City of Grand Rapids Moves to ‘Decriminalize’ Building Code Violations

As reported by Amy Biolchini at Michigan Live, the option to file a misdemeanor was not used at all in 2016, so officials may voluntarily “lighten up.”

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Ignore Grand Rapids building codes twice and the city could slap you with a criminal misdemeanor charge.That’s an issue to city inspectors, who feel a misdemeanor offense is too “heavy-handed,” according to city documents.There were no misdemeanor complaints filed in the city’s fiscal 2016 year – a common practice in the city’s inspections department, said Lou Canfield, development center coordinator.

Instead of filing a misdemeanor, inspectors often let the few extreme violation languish cases languish.City officials now want to “decriminalize” repeated code violations by changing them from criminal misdemeanor offenses to a civil infraction ticket for the first three violations.

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Photo by Michigan Municipal League (MML)