Chicago Moves to Latest I-Codes

CodeWatcer Chicago moves to latest I-Codes

Updating to latest edition of I-Codes will be made in three stages.

Chicago has formally made the decision to review and update its requirements for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings to align, where appropriate, with the latest edition of the I-Codes.

The transition will occur in three phases:

• Phase 1, which was the revision and alignment of the Chicago Electrical Code with the 2017
edition of the National Electrical Code, has already been completed.
• Phase 2 will align Chicago’s existing requirements to the International Building Code,
International Fire Code, International Existing Building Code and the International Property
Maintenance Code.
• Phase 3 will include further updates to include mechanical, fuel gas, energy conservation and

According to the ICC, this effort falls under the oversight of Building Commissioner Judy Frydland and managed by Deputy Commissioner Grant Ullrich.

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  1. The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is noticeably absent from the list provided here. Particularly timely given the -20 degree arctic front hovering over Chicago right now.

    • Jason:

      While most codes in IL are adopted via home rule, the energy conservation code is a statewide code. That might be why it wasn’t included in that list.

      Mike Collignon

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