Building Safety Month Week 1: Disaster Preparedness

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The International Code Council kicks off Building Safety Month 2019.

Starting May 1, the International Code Council, together with corporations, government agencies, professional associations and nonprofits, celebrates the 39th annual Building Safety Month.
The international campaign raises awareness about building safety and the importance of building codes in making our communities safer and more resilient. This year, the Code Council will be exploring the roles building codes play in our day-to-day lives, including disaster mitigation, access to safe water, job opportunities in the building industry, and innovations in building safety.
To kick off this year’s Building Safety Month, the focus for week one is “Preparing for Disasters: Build Strong, Build Smart.” Natural disasters are increasing in severity and frequency. Helping individuals and community leaders plan in advance for events like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires and earthquakes saves lives and mitigates costly damages.
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One of the most effective ways to prepare for disasters is adopting the most up-to-date building codes, which are crucial for ensuring the resilience of our structures.

Not only does building to code keep people safer, but it is also a smart investment: a recent report from the National Institute for Building Sciences found that municipalities that have adopted the 2018 International Codes can expect to save $11 for every $1 invested in bringing buildings and physical structures up to code. In addition, home and business owners can take a number of common-sense steps to protect their properties in advance of a natural disaster.

“Building failures due to improper construction often end tragically, such as lost lives and economic distress, especially when natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes strike,” says Jeff Ellis, Engineering Manager, Codes & Compliance, Simpson Strong-Tie, a Building Safety Month sponsor. “But in places where more robust and modern codes are properly followed, there is much less damage and fewer lives lost. With more public understanding and support for good codes, compliant design and code enforcement, we can do even better.”

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