Austin Approves Code Requiring All New Buildings to be Solar Ready

austin solar house photo

Austin’s 2015 Solar Decathlon House brought national attention to the city’s progressive green building legacy.

Despite opposition from the local homebuilder association, the measure sailed through the green-minded political process.

With a fairly light agenda (and the usual brace of postponements), City Council was able to adjourn at the relatively civilized hour of 8:47pm Thursday night, following decisions that included requiring new construction to be “solar-ready” and continuing a contested curbside textile recycling program.

The “solar ready” proposal – arriving on the dais with five initial sponsors – will require new commercial and residential structures, beginning Oct. 1, to be built in such a way as to allow willing owners to install solar equipment (e.g., solar panels), mainly by clearing south-facing roofs of obstacles like vent pipes and covers, and the like.

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Photos by Dept of Energy Solar Decathlon