2018 IBC Includes Gender Neutral Bathrooms for Potty Parity

Good news for all genders. Potty Parity is now part of the building code.

How many times have you attended a public event and seen huge lines outside a female restroom, while men zoom in and out and do their business? One supposed obstacle has been how to plumb and design bathrooms that work for every gender. Well, now there’s a detailed solution to any sort of code-based pushback.

Here’s a summary of the new code provision, from Bruce Pitts, a mechanical engineer in Aiken, SC:

The latest 2018 International Building Code provides for single-occupancy, gender-neutral bathrooms. This solves more problems than just gender. It helps transgender restroom and bathing room issues related to OSHA, EEOC, the Civil Rights Act and state bathroom bills by having all toilet and bathing rooms single-user and gender-neutral.

It helps paruresis restroom issues related to ADA, ADAAA and EEOC with single-user toilets available.

It gives opposite-sex parent and caregiver access to toilet and bathing rooms.

It can reduce building square footage and energy usage.

It reduces waiting lines for everyone, known as potty parity.

Long live the gender free bathroom!