The Circular Economy Needs Strong Building Codes

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An upcoming U.S. Chamber Foundation Summit points to a future where strengthened building codes allow us to escape the make, use, dispose economy to which we have all become accustomed.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Corporate Citizenship Center will host the Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit: Translating Value to Ignite Action.

The two-day event May 9-10 in Washington, DC, will convene business, government, academic, and nonprofit leaders to explore how to effectively implement sustainability and circular strategies. The summit will feature panel discussions, case study presentations, and interactive sessions to highlight the value of sustainability and circular economy principles.

Featured speakers include:

Jerry MacCleary, Chairman and CEO, Covestro LLC
Cindy Ortega, Chief Sustainability Officer, MGM Resorts International
Geoff Bastow, President, Global Consumer Solutions Group, UPS
Leo Mackay, Jr., Senior Vice President, Internal Audit, Ethics and Sustainability, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Mike Byrnes, COO, Veolia SourceOne
Tom Bihn, President and Founder, Tom BIHN INC.
Nancy Gillis, CEO, Green Electronics Council
A full list of speakers is available here

As a recent article in CodeWatcher pointed out, the reuse of older buildings is equally important as building highly durable and energy efficient new buildings. Building updating and reuse keeps materials out of the landfill and lowers the demand on new materials, which degrades the planet.

Strong, enforced building codes can play a major role in how effective our country contributes to the growing circular economy movement.