Building Safety and Design Presentations Sought

The deadline for Building Safety & Design Expo proposals is April 15, 2016.

The Building Safety & Design Expo is seeking proposals for presentations at its Education Pavilion Sessions to be held on the show floor Oct. 16-17, in Kansas City, Mo.

The Building Safety & Design Expo, held in conjunction with the ICC Annual Conference and Group B Public Comment Hearings, is an educational event and product showcase for all professionals involved in the building design and construction industry. This event attracts code officials, inspectors, plans examiners, architects, plumbing and mechanical professionals, engineers, and fire prevention officers from across the country along with local contractors and builders.

The organization is looking for both technical and nontechnical presentations that educate and inform attendees about new construction techniques and the latest advances in technology, building products and applications.

Presentations should focus on providing educational and technical information, not the promotion of specific products or services. Presentations can address various aspects of a product or service as it relates to building design and safety. Presenters can encourage attendees to visit their Expo booths for additional information at the conclusion of the session. Applications received by ICC Preferred Providers, ICC Affiliate Sponsors and those exhibiting at the 2016 Building Safety and Design Expo will receive special consideration during the selection process. Exhibit information will be available soon at

To apply, click here. Proposals must be submitted no later than April 15, 2016