Is LEED Tough Enough for the Climate-Change Era?

The LEED program has had its fans and detractors. Here is an unbiased look at best-known green certification programs.

Brian Barth of CityLab reviews the origins of USGBC and its well-known LEED program. He interviews one of the organization’s founders on the progress the organization has made: 

Berkebile helped shape the first LEED standards, and his architecture firm, BNIM, has designed many LEED-certified buildings. In 2014, he signed on as a strategic adviser to a different green-building entity, the International Living Future Institute, which advocates for “regenerative” buildings that “give more than they take.” (He remained an informal adviser to the USGBC.)

Today, he sounds lukewarm on LEED’s results. “The certification has become: Your building is doing a little less damage to the environment than everyone else’s,” Berkebile said. “But that means you’re still having a negative impact. I think that’s a failure.”

An interesting look at the pros and cons of the LEED program and what it could become, this blog asks questions we should be asking about all our green ratings and programs.  

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