New Video: The Definitive Guide to Air Sealing

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A new air sealing video with companion guide, webinar, and infographic has all the information you need to meet energy efficiency codes.

As states adopt new, more stringent home energy efficiency codes, builders must ensure new homes are properly air sealed. However, not all joints and opening contribute equally to air leakage. With so much area to air seal, are there places you should prioritize? Builder Eddie Fort of PD & M Inc. General Contractors and Wayne Toler of Toler Insulation review the five strategic priorities for air sealing in new homes in this video.

For more details, including illustrations, download the companion guide at the bottom of this blog.

For a quick-hit look at air-sealing best practices, check out this infographic.

In addition to these resources, Green Builder Media and the Insulation Institute recently hosted a webinar on air-sealing, which digs deeper into this topic. It is available on demand here.

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  1. This video has some good points however says nothing about the main air infiltration points that cause 40-50% of builders that fail to reach first ACH test. Air sealing on the inside frame has little impact on air intrusion coming in from the outside envelope before it passes through your insulation cavity to finally reach the inside barrier.

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