New Video Covers 5 Top Air Sealing Areas in New Homes

Insulation Institute 5 Air Sealing Locations in CodeWatcher

The Insulation Institute has developed a companion video to its popular guide on air sealing the top leakage areas in a home.

Many builders challenged with meeting new, more stringent residential building energy code requirements like the 2012 or 2015 IECC have been having a tough go of it. One HERS rater reported earlier this year that roughly 50 percent of builders in his region of Texas would fail an initial blower door test under the 2012 IECC, which requires a 3ACH50 air change rate.

To help builders deal with these code changes, Insulation Institute developed a guide on a strategic approach to air sealing the top leakage areas in a home and has now released a 5-minute video. The video features Eddie Fort of PD&M Contracting and Wayne Toler of Toler Insulating. Fort and Toler walk through a custom home under construction in Virginia and show how to properly address strategic areas to help reduce the air leakage rate for new homes.  

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