Latest Green Builder Issue Available!

Green Builder magazine’s September-October 2019 digital issue focusing on building science is available for free download. 

As the cost of solar energy hits parity with fossil fuels, Green Builder’s annual behind-the-walls issue looks at fine-tuned homes, pushing the envelope to net zero and better.

Features include:

The Department of Energy (DOE)’s Zero Energy Ready Home award winners succeed at the solo and group levels—an approach everyone can follow.

Double Duty
This Maryland project proves there is more than one way to be a ‘High Performance’ home.

The Zen Imperative
Thrive’s latest collection of net-zero homes takes green energy to a new high.

Energizing the Neighborhood 
A carefully planned design means a real ‘Revival’ for this multifamily project.

Nothing Left to Chance
Every detail of this high-performance project demonstrates carefully executed planning and product selection.

Absolute (Net) Zero
Habitat for Humanity’s latest housing project brings green affordability to the Grand Traverse’s Depot Neighborhood.

First Look
Here are the homes up for top honors at DOE’s upcoming 2019 Housing Innovation Awards.

Can Drones Serve Sustainability? 
Flying robot technology can make construction greener and more efficient than ever.

Permeability Makes Perfect
Advances in technology and increased builder awareness are making the fight against water leakage more effective than ever.

The VISION House: First Cost Vs. Full Cost  
The building industry practice of driving cost out of new home construction to the detriment of long-term durability and energy efficiency is the worst way to build a house. VISION House® Seattle Cascades demonstrates a better way


Coming in the Next Green Builder Issue: The State of the Building Marketplace 2020. Green Builder’s first look at smart home strategies, consumer preferences, marketing efforts and more for the high-performance construction industry