10 Hidden Air Leaks

The Insulation Institute’s new guide addresses “hidden holes” in new construction homes.

Sealing common air leakage pathways is key to achieving a tight thermal envelope. Often, hidden holes in new construction homes can make achieving an airtight envelope very difficult. Knowing where these hidden holes tend to occur can help builders avoid a massive air leakage issue. Our 10 Hidden Air Leaks in New Construction Homes guide covers the most common areas where these holes occur and offers solutions to fix the holes during the construction process.

Like our 5 Priority Air Sealing Locations for New Homes, this guide is intended to provide builders with insights on reducing air leakage rates in new construction for a tight envelope and increase the likelihood of passing the blower door test.

“As a HERS rater with experience in inspecting new homes, these areas are consistently the most common hidden holes in new home construction,” said Xavier Walter of Home Energy King. “Raising awareness of these hidden holes will help other builders avoid the surprise of finding significant air leakage pathways in areas that aren’t as obvious.”

Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd is the Director of Communications for North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA).