Get Ready for the 2021 Code Cycle!

CodeWatcher is your #1 source for codes- and standards-related information in the building industry. CodeWatcher was launched to help the ...
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Codewatcher RESNET business opportunities for raters

RESNET Targets New Business Opps for Raters

RESNET rolls out a suite of ideas to bolster opportunities for HERS raters nationwide. The RESNET Board of Directors has ...
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CodeWatcher IMT ICC Buildings Benchmark

New “Buildings Benchmark” Key to Resilient Communities

A just-released "Buildings Benchmark," the first of 19 Community Resilience Benchmarks—will support efforts to create more resilient structures in local ...
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CodeWatcher IECC Life Safety Code

The IECC Is a Life Safety Code: Make It the Law

This first blog in a series on the IECC explains why America’s Model Energy Code may be getting a bad ...
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CodeWatcher Energy efficient study DOE

DOE Funds Energy Efficiency Study

The DOE is funding a new energy efficiency study focusing on energy efficient construction and create tools for enhanced plan ...
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Codewatcher IECC 2021 RESNET

RESNET’s Proposed Amendments to 2021 IECC

Here are the proposals RESNET is putting forth to be included in the 2021 IECC. The International Energy Conservation Code ...
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