Zero Energy Ready Home Builder Partners Recognized

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DOE offers a “Tour of Zero,” which are the homes and case studies of truly high-performance houses.

Anthony Aebi, and his company Greenhill Contracting, were awarded the “Net Zero American Builder” Award (for the 3rd year in a row!) through the 2018 RESNET Cross Border Builder Challenge. The RESNET Cross Border Challenge is a friendly competition between American and Canadian Home Builders to determine just how energy efficient builders can build,” noted John Godden. 

A winner of six DOE Housing Innovation Awards, including last year’s Grand Award in the Custom Spec category, Greenhill builds all its homes using ICFs and routinely achieves HERS scores of under 10 with photovoltaics, or under 40 when not counting renewable energy.  Check out some of their homes and case studies on the DOE Tour of Zero!

Home of the Month: Hickory Ridge By Greenhill Contracting

Greenhill tour

“At this point, with the use of ICF and spray foam thermal and air-control strategies, the DOE Zero Energy Ready threshold can be achieved without any significant costs over a code-built home.”- Anthony Aebi, Builder

Find out more on the Tour of Zero!