ZERH Webinar: Updates to the Building America Solution Center

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This webinar will show you how to integrate building science best practices into your business.


The Building America Solution Center (BASC) is your best friend if you have anything to do with high-performance homes. It provides extensive, up-to-date content needed to integrate building science best practices in specifications, field applications, education, and code official meetings. In this webinar, Chrissi Antonopolous will be diving into how to use the updated BASC for specific projects including preparation of the following:

  • Sales binders bundling relevant BASC guides for an individual home or standard construction practices
  • Customized point-of-sale fact sheets that list key innovations by attribute (e.g., comfort, health, efficiency) using value-based terminology from the Building Science Translator
  • Field guidance packages including construction images for targeted measures and how to pull them up on the mobile app
  • Building science presentations using content from the BASC guides
  • Precedence packages that document an empirical basis for preferred measures to code officials or key builder decision-makers
  • CAD drawings bundled for inclusion in construction documents

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