Why More Passive House Multifamily Projects Should Be Built

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When rent lords can make multifamily profitable, the industry needs to take note.

Lloyd Alter from Treehugger covers an excellent multifamily passive house just completed in Vancouver. It’s worth reading through his interview with the project team to see the future of high-performance multifamily. Alter says about the importance of the project:

“Accepted wisdom in North America is that the Passive House standard is just for houses, too expensive, and too hard. Many people ask, ‘Why bother when you can pop a solar panel on top and get Net Zero?’ That accepted wisdom got challenged last year with the big House at Cornell Tech, and another kick was delivered with the recent opening of The Heights in Vancouver by Cornerstone Architects … built by a private developer, 8th Avenue Development Group, as rental housing. Developers don’t spend more money than they have to on rental housing, yet here they built 85 units of what they call housing for moderate-income households to Passive House standards.”

As these types of projects become reality, building code officials are going to have to stay current with high-performance building practices espoused by Passive House. Read the full post here.