Vacuum Insulated Tempered Glass Offers R-10 and LEED Points

The product, developed by VIG Technologies, uses a metal edge technology to ensure that air seals last longer without leakage.

In the past, window makers have struggled with the concept of creating a vacuum between sheets of glass, because they tend to bend and touch reducing the insulating value.

But the VIG glass, branded LandVac, is held apart by tiny “pillars,” that act as nearly invisible spacers to keep panes from touching. The pillars are arranged about 5 cm apart.

According to building scientist Alex Wilson, who talked about the new glass at Greenbuild in Boston, the product will garner several LEEDv4 credits, including

  • EQc7: Daylight
  • EQc8: Quality Views
  • EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
  • EAc2: Optimize Energy Performance

Among the advantages of the new vacuum glass is a very high r-value (for glass): form R-10 up to R-13—and the glazings are also very low profile, with a total thickness of just 1/3 inch. It will come with Low-E coatings standard, in sizes up to 60 inches by 98 inches.

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