Passive Houses Finally Get Affordable

New technologies and products make Passive Houses affordable.

In has blog, “Passive House Busts High Cost Myth,”  for the Zero Energy Project, Bruce Sullivan digs into how the first certified Passive House in Pennsylvania came with an affordable price tag:

There’s a myth circulating that super energy-efficient homes cost more to build than homes with typical code-level energy features. Last year, Architect, Richard Pedranti, busted that myth by designing a home to Passive House standards for only $165 per square foot. “We typically use between $175 and $200 per square foot for standard new home construction costs in our area,” said Pedranti.

For that modest price, this Passive House offers three significant benefits: personal health and comfort, superior energy efficiency, and affordability.

The 2,153 square-foot home achieved this with a simple design, lots of insulation, super air sealing and modest package of mechanical equipment.

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