Get In the Net Zero Inventory

Codewatcher net zero inventory

Add your project(s) to the Net Zero Energy Coalition’s annual inventory of net zero projects (includes near zero too). Deadline: April 5.

The Net Zero Energy Coalition’s annual inventory is coming to a close on April 5. Stand up and be counted by April 5. The inventory form is short: It takes just a couple of minutes to complete per project, no matter how many units.

Submit your data now!

All of your “ZE-ish” projects are important, because they contribute to the body of knowledge that your peers can learn from.

Please report all of the following project types:

  • Zero-energy ready, near zero, at zero, or net positive … by any reasonable definition
  • Mixed-fuel and all-electric (zero carbon)
  • Projects you have reported before, but that have progressed from one stage to another
    • In planning
    • In design
    • In construction
    • Completed
  • New projects in any of the above stages
  • Retrofits
  • Multifamily or single-family
  • Owner-occupied or rental
  • Tiny houses to multi-building complexes

Note re privacy: Only aggregate data are published, not particulars of individual projects.