KB Home’s Approach to Zero Energy Ready Building

Want to build better than standard building codes? Follow some of the most forward-thinking nationals.

KB Home, a top 10 builder nationally, has firmly established itself as a leader in energy-efficient building. In April, it won its sixth consecutive Energy Star Partner of the Year Award. This on top of receiving the DOE Housing Innovation Award three years running (2013-2015) for its Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) construction.

With this level of success it begs the question “What are they doing?” (and, perhaps more important, “How can I copy it?”)

DOE’s “Tour of Zero” website has detailed case studies on a number of homes (which the Insulation Institute has written about before), but here’s a deeper dive look at KB’s approach to insulation and air sealing in these homes, including their resulting ACH levels and HERS scores. Read how KB goes beyond code here. Of note: at the end of the piece is a free downloadable building science primer to speed you on your way to better building.