Green Building Pyramid Clarifies Construction Priorities for Your Clients

Designed by the Editors at Green Builder magazine, the Green Building Pyramid explains visually how to prioritize a home’s many features, including location.

“We designed the pyramid in response to frustration on the part of many homebuilders,” notes Matt Power, Editor-in-Chief and creator of the popular pyramid infographic. “Many of them would like to build high-performance homes, with better insulation, high SEER HVAC and triple-glazed windows, but their clients go straight for the bells and whistles.”

Those bells and whistles, he explains, include granite countertops, excessively large floorplans and “views,” often without concern for a home’s potential for solar heating (or overheating), commuting times, or durability.

“Installing a solar array on a home is great, for example,” says Power, “but not when it’s the first amenity on the list. A home has to be built to be energy-efficient from conception to completion. If it’s well built and insulated, with energy efficient lighting and appliances, a solar power source is a great way to “cap” the investment.”

DOWNLOAD a Large Resolution Version of the Green Building Pyramid HERE.

Note to editors AND manufacturers/companies: Please do not recreate this pyramid and change items in it and call it your own. We have had to call several organizations to task for plagiarizing our concept and changing it into something unintended. You can, however, use the pyramid as is, provided you credit as follows: “The Green Builder Pyramid, created by Matt Power for Green Builder Media: