First Net Zero Community in Utah Debuts

Redfish Builders develop small community of net zero homes.

Mitch Spence and Tiffany Ivins, husband-and-wife owners of Redfish Builders, are rethinking the way homes are built. They developed Utah’s first community of net zero homes in Salt Lake City. The five homes are together worth $2.5 million.

Each residence in the community generates as much renewable energy as it consumes during a year—making it a “net zero” home. The homes boast many innovative, energy-saving features: The exteriors are sealed with zip walls and extra insulation to create a constant temperature year-round, while air is refreshed continually with heat recovery ventilators. The homes also feature a foundation of 14-inch foam (instead of concrete), solar photovoltaic arrays, thermal windows, high-density blown-in insulation, low-flow water fixtures and toilets, high-efficiency LED lighting, and Energy Star appliances.

Read more about the community and watch a video interview with the builders here.

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