Better Building

At Code Watcher, we’re committed to the idea that a sustainable building is built “from the ground up,” not from the top down.ronjones-builder

Builders, appraisers and performance experts know that adding on-site renewable power to a building that has not been fine tuned for low energy consumption is throwing away good money. This “long view,” however, often runs contrary to how homeowners and homebuyers perceive “green” building. They often reach for high-tech solutions such as solar panels first in the building or remodeling process, when instead they should be looking at location, siting, insulation, housewrap and energy-efficient appliances.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re strong advocates for renewable energy, Passive House, Net Zero Energy construction and anything that results in projects that are “Better Than Code.” But let’s help buyers follow the right trajectory in hitting those admirable goals. —Ron Jones