Building Performance Association Formed

codewatcher building performance association

The Building Performance Association aims to advance the home and building performance industry by delivering improved energy efficiency, health, safety, and environmental performance of buildings.

The Building Performance Association launched last week at the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) National Conference and Trade Show in Chicago, IL.

The Association is a merger of the Home Performance Coalition, Efficiency First, and Home Energy magazine and has been created to advance the home and building performance industry through advocacy, education, programs, networking, and publications. “We want to reach constituencies that are not well represented in the building industry–manufacturers, the weatherization industry, utility program sponsors, and program implementers,” says CEO Keith Aldridge. “We see ourselves as a ‘big tent association,’ and we want to reach the maximum breadth of constituencies.”  

While there are many organizations that support the energy performance industry, this one has a specific angle. “The association focuses on home performance on residential retrofit,” Aldridge says. “It’s one of those spaces where we have under-performed in terms of the number of consumers who get retrofits–and get them done right.”

Aldridge thinks the industry is too fragmented, and says the association aims to tie many organizations and opportunities together to promote energy efficiency. “Our goal is to collaborate with the organizations that are out there. We are not their competitors,” he emphasizes. “We will be going out to all those folks and talking to them about how to collaborate on conferences and opportunities for houses to perform better.”

Aldridge is particularly excited about engaging with product manufacturers and suppliers. “They have been friends of the HPC conference, and we want them to be a major constituency and help form and reach out to consumers, engage in training of contractors, research and development, and products and services needed in the marketplace,” he says.  

The Building Performance Association includes low-income weatherization, workforce development, research, data standards, smart home advances, real estate incentives and regional chapter development

The association has five chapters formed and expects to climb to 25 plus.

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