Infographic Helps Builders Reach Zero Net Energy Goals with Propane

PERC has released an educational infographic to help home builders attain zero net energy goals with propane.

The Propane Education & Research Council released a new infographic, available at, showcasing how incorporating high-efficiency propane appliances can help builders attain Zero Net Energy (ZNE) standards.

“Zero Net Energy homes are becoming more popular among homeowners, and propane helps builders meet the demand without sacrificing performance or efficiency,” says Jesse Marcus, PERC director of residential and commercial business development. “Installing propane-powered appliances, along with other building strategies, makes it possible to reduce a home’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index—and meet ZNE standards—while delivering premium performance, so it’s an excellent fuel choice for both home builders and homeowners. Propane should be a component to every builder’s ZNE strategy.”

A ZNE home produces as much energy as it uses, making it incredibly energy- and cost-efficient long term. Using propane significantly reduces a home’s overall energy consumption, resulting in a lower HERS score and helping builders meet the threshold needed to qualify as a ZNE home. Along with other building strategies, propane appliances, such as furnaces, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes dryers, are an affordable option to implement for ZNE achievement.

PERC’s infographic, available for free download on, contains a wide range of ZNE education and energy-efficiency tips for builders, including:

  • The building and design strategies to meet ZNE standards.
  • The difference between site energy and source energy measurement.
  • Propane source energy ratios compared with other power sources.
  • How to measure ZNE progress using the HERS Index.
  • Three ways to lower a home’s HERS Index score — and meet ZNE standards.
  • Results and benefits propane appliances can offer builders’ projects.

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