Nebraska Updates to 2018 Codes

Statewide adoption includes requirement that any local level changes to the code be reported to the State Energy Office.

In early May, was signed into law by the Nebraska Governor. It passed the state legislature with relative ease (30 yes, 11 no, 7 no votes and 1 abstention). The bill updates the State’s IBC, IRC and IECC from the 2009 to the 2018 editions.

A couple of items are worth noting in this bill. First, a county, city, or village shall notify the State Energy Office within 30 days of an amendment or modification to its local building or construction code that in any way deletes any portion of either chapter 13 of the 2018 IBC or chapter 11 of the 2018 IRC.

Next, any new state building shall meet or exceed the requirements of the 2018 IECC published by ICC. Also, the 2018 IECC will apply to all new buildings constructed, in whole or in part, with state funds.

The new requirements go into effect on July 1, 2020, to provide adequate time for training of local code officials, residential and commercial builders.