EPA WaterSense Support Needed

watersense program EPA

The WaterSense Program could use a little love from the sustainability community.

On April 10, there was a notice published in the Federal Register, soliciting public comments and information on consumer satisfaction with the WaterSense program and its labeled products. You can submit your comment and/or information by clicking here. Comments due by July 24.

To assist in this effort, the Alliance for Water Efficiency has provided some excellent information.

WaterSense is a voluntary labeling program that has saved more than 3.4 trillion gallons of water since its inception in 2006. That’s more than the amount of water used by all U.S. households for 4 months! The program has also saved more than $84.2 billion in water and energy bills in that same timeframe. Without WaterSense, 462.5 billion kWh of electricity would not have been saved. That’s a year’s worth of power to more than 44.4 million American homes. (Statistics are as of 2018, according to EPA). With an annual budget of only $2 million, WaterSense has an incredible return on investment for taxpayers.

Specifically regarding the WaterSense labeled products, an analysis of the 1999 and 2016 Residential End Uses of Water Studies showed that toilets, showerheads and faucets have become more efficient, but contrary to President Trump’s December 2019 comments, the use of these fixtures has not changed. If homeowners were unhappy with the performance of their more efficient fixtures, that would lead them to use them more… and that’s just not happening.

Please reply to the request for comments with your personal experiences using WaterSense products. You can also support WaterSense by reaching out to your respective Congressional representatives. Just remember to do so by June 9.

Mike Collignon is the executive director of the Green Builder Coalition