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Welcome to Code Watcher.

We pull back the curtain on the building code process to make sure it helps builders put up the best-performing, safest homes in the world. And, as important, we spearhead the notion that home owners must be educated on the regulatory actions that profoundly impact the safety, durability, performance, and financial worth of their homes.


An Invitation from The Code Warrior:


If someone were to ask me to identify a subject that is more important to the quality of people’s lives than the buildings and communities in which they live, work and play, I don’t believe I could come up with an answer.  Like food, water and air, shelter is essential to our very existence and well-being.  With few exceptions, we are all impacted every single day of our lives by the elements in our built environment.

Yet, it is amazing that the average person seems willing to leave the how, what and why of the rules and regulations that determine virtually everything about that environment up to an assembly of strangers in some obscure and far-away place without giving thought to what their motives, special interests, even their basic credentials, might be.

Like any kind of rulemaking, developing building codes and related regulations is a laborious, tedious and often contentious process, not something one would normally choose to do in their spare time.  But these are not activities that we can afford to ignore either, and we need to find a way to raise awareness and help people understand how much they are impacted by them.

We have fallen for the notion that building codes exist for the benefit of those who build, and in fact, those whose actions are governed by these complex rules are indeed served and rewarded with consistency and a level playing field on which to compete, but the codes actually exist primarily to protect those who occupy those buildings, to provide safety for the very lives of themselves and their families, and to preserve the value of their investments as individuals and as members of the wider community.

The interests of the user must be at the forefront of our attempts to provide shelter for everyone, now and into the future.  Our goal is to pull back the curtain and shine the light on the process so that we may have a positive impact on the outcome. Please join us.

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