Texas Governor Quashes Local Control of Building Materials Selections

Can states control what individual cities and neighborhoods communities look like? Texas did.

As reported by Diana Zoga of NBC Channel 5 News, the Governor of Texas is centralizing building materials decisions:

Governor Greg Abbott recently signed a bill that cities urged him to veto, saying it will change the future look of North Texas communities. HB 2439 will limit local regulation of building materials in new construction – preventing rules that go beyond national standards published within the last three code cycles.

“We have a very clear picture of what we want McKinney to look like,” said McKinney Mayor George Fuller. “And when I say ‘we’ – it’s the residents because it’s the residents who weigh in at every public hearing, at every zoning case.”

Fuller, who is also a developer, says the bill would prevent local residents from weighing in on the aesthetics of their neighborhoods.

McKinney requires at least 85 percent masonry materials on much of the new construction. “You’ve bought in a neighborhood, an area of the city that you’ve felt was aesthetically protected and then all of a sudden that bar was gone and anyone can build anything they want next to you material-wise,” Fuller said. “It’s going to affect property owners values.” …

… Fuller contends the legislation comes down to local control and how much the state should have when it comes to developing communities.

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