Osceola County, Fla Unveils Goals to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The long-term plan for Osceola County addresses energy efficiency, sustainable land and use patterns and other conservation efforts.

Late last year, Osceola County Director of Strategic Initiatives Jeff Jones presented the board of county commissioners with a long-term, five-point plan with recommendations to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2060.

The five goals are:
• Sustainable Land and Use Patterns. Goal: By 2060, Mixed Use Developments (MXD) will make it possible to meet daily needs with fewer and shorter auto trips, reducing traffic emissions by 75%.
• Energy Efficiency. Goal: By 2060, new buildings will produce enough renewable energy to meet their annual consumption requirements.
• Water Conservation. Goal: By 2060, per-capita potable water consumption is reduced by 30%.
• Waste Reduction. Goal: By 2060, the County eliminates sending solid waste to the landfill.
• Adapt to environmental change. Goal: Minimize vulnerability to the consequences of changes to the natural environment by increasing the County’s ability to deal with the impacts of environmental change.

An in-depth discussion of the GHG reduction initiative, which focused on five recommended goals, policies and related actions, will be included in Osceola County’s annual strategic planning exercise in early 2020. While the intent of this initiative is spot-on, the time horizon is way too far into the future. Florida could well see the drastically negative effects of sea-level rise well before this plan is fully implemented.

Photo by tbridge