Here Come Incentives For Going All Electric

California utility offers rebates and incentives for going all-electric.

As Lloyd Alter reports in the June 28 edition of Treehugger: 

We noted earlier that California is changing its building codes in 2020 to Reduce Demand; Now in Sacramento, California, the electricity it taking this issue seriously, and is offering big rebates to homeowners who Electrify Everything.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is giving back bucks to people who replace gas burning equipment: $2,500 toward heat pumps for space heating, $ 3,000 for heat pump water heaters, and another $2,500 bonus for going all-electric and reducing demand by sealing and insulating, getting an induction cooktop or electric car or heat pump clothes dryer, to a total of $13,750.

Builders are also included in the rebate, Alter reports. They get $5,000 per house for leaving gas lines out.

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