Building Moratorium Enacted to Address Environmental Issues

codewatcher bainbridge

Bainbridge, Wash., enacts “emergency” stop on new building projects for six months and will use time to implement new building code changes.

According to Kitsap Sun’s Bainbridge Island City Council approved an “emergency” six-month halt on new building projects throughout the island Tuesday, citing “significant concerns” about growth and development in the city under its existing codes.

First among the council’s concerns: “Threatened harm to Bainbridge Island’s fresh water aquifers due to continued clearing of native forests and vegetation,” according to the moratorium ordinance, which council approved 6-0.

The moratorium applies to new building permits and land use applications unless they fall under a list of approved exclusions. It doesn’t apply to previously submitted applications; actions taken by City Council; permits and applications for non-subdivision single-family residences; remodels, demolition, affordable housing projects and other exclusions.

Builders worry that moratorium will impact houses in the planning stages.

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