Austin: Carbon Monoxide Detectors In All Homes

CodeWatcher Austin mandates carbon monoxide detectors

Austin City Council adopts an ordinance aimed at protecting their residents from the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Starting April 1 (no joke), all existing homes in Austin must contain a CO detector if they meet one of the following two requirements:

  • There is a gas or fuel-burning appliance in the home
  • The home is directly connected to a garage

The ordinance gets the existing residential (and commercial) buildings up to the level of newer development. A CO detector has been required on new construction since 2012. The carbon monoxide detectors “must be installed outside of each separate sleeping area and in the immediate vicinity of each sleeping area. A carbon monoxide alarm must be installed within a sleeping area if a fuel-burning or solid fuel appliance is located within a sleeping area, a bathroom attached to the sleeping area, or a garage attached to the sleeping area.”

Combined smoke and CO detectors are deemed to comply with the new ordinance, and detectors do not have to be hard-wired into the building.