Mike Collignon

CodeWatcher Ohio 2018 IRC

Ohio’s 2018 IRC Includes Five Compliance Paths

Late last year, Ohio formally adopted an amended code that offers builders a gaping back door to build to a ...
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CodeWatcher Next Generation Water Summit

“Careers in Water” Track to Debut at 2019 Next Generation Water Summit

Career track features sessions on various facets of the water industry. The Next Generation Water Summit always looks to provide ...
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DC Adopts Nation’s Strongest Climate Law

With more existing buildings than planned new construction, D.C. needs to improve energy efficiency in the buildings it already has ...
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CodeWatcer Chicago moves to latest I-Codes

Chicago Moves to Latest I-Codes

Updating to latest edition of I-Codes will be made in three stages. Chicago has formally made the decision to review ...
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GreenCHOICE Mortgage a Game Changer For Energy Efficiency

The new mortgage vehicle gives credit for energy-efficient homes. In mid-November, Freddie Mac announced a new mortgage vehicle called GreenCHOICE ...
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CodeWatcher Flagstaff Climate Plan

Flagstaff, Ariz., Adopts Climate Action Plan

Because of higher than usual temps, less snowpack, and increased wildfire risk, the Flagstaff City Council adopted a new Climate ...
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