Mike Collignon

CodeWatcher WERS water summit

Water Summit Announced

The third annual Next Generation Water Summit is open for early registration. Early bird registration is open for the 3 ...
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Codewatcher Illinois energy code

Details of the New Illinois Energy Code

The Illinois energy code, based largely on the 2018 IECC, is slightly weaker than the model code. In mid-September, the ...
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The Golden State Breaks Bad on Gas

A slew of legislative updates has come out of California. The big headliner out of California is the passage of ...
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CodeWatcher Massachusetts energy plan

Massachusetts’ 3-Year Energy Plan Prioritizes Energy Efficiency

Massachusetts' energy plan, broad in scope, aims for greenhouse gas emission reductions, and addresses energy storage and strategic electrification among ...
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CodeWatcher 2018 IECC comment period

Minnesota: Call for Comments on 2018 IECC Code Adoption

In late August, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry published a notice in the Minnesota State Register requesting comments ...
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CodeWatcher Maine 3 Year Plan

Efficiency Maine Trust Releases 3-Year Strategic Plan

Maine plan aims to capture all energy-efficiency opportunities available. In mid-August, the Efficiency Maine Trust released the first draft of ...
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