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Why Do Builder Associations Fight Energy Efficiency Improvements?

Part 4 of our series on the IECC,  addresses the fact that Americans want homes with permanent efficiency improvement ...
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Codewatcher low income housing IECC

Low-Income Housing and the IECC

Part 3 of a 9-part series on the IECC addresses why low-income housing advocates support strong energy codes that ensure ...
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Codewatcher bipartisan support for IECC

Bipartisan Support of IECC

This second part of a nine-part series addresses why Republicans and Democrats Passed a Federal Law Embracing Improvements to Each ...
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CodeWatcher IECC Life Safety Code

The IECC Is a Life Safety Code: Make It the Law

This first blog in a series on the IECC explains why America’s Model Energy Code may be getting a bad ...
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Love and the IECC: A New “Romance Series” Debuts

CodeWatcher is proud to publish the "9-Part Romance Series on America’s Model Energy Code (the IECC) for Building and Fire ...
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Unanimous! Mayors Move Needle on Building Efficiency

Steady building efficiency gains for future IECC updates front and center in unanimous resolution at U.S. Conference of Mayors Annual ...
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